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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Merci! French Flag Colors Pop Art Keepsake Box

Cool! My first Keepsake box design :-) I think this one came out really well:

"Display your favorite images on a vibrant tile inlaid into the lid of this beautiful jewelry box. Made of lacquered wood, the jewelry box comes in Golden Oak, Ebony Black, Emerald Green, and Red Mahogany. Soft felt protects your jewelry and collectibles."

"A French gift to say thank you: a pop art celebration of the flag colors of France. Un cadeau français: dites merci. Le popart et les couleurs de France."

Merci! in French Flag Colors Pop Art Keepsake Box


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Original Custom Gifts in the Flag Colors of America

"Original custom gifts in the flag colors of America for you to personalise and give to friends, family & loved ones, to celebrate life's special moments together."

My American Flag Color gifts are fully customisable. Feel free to change my designs to fit your personal tastes and needs: you can add or remove text and or images, and select different shapes, sizes and color schemes to make the perfect original & unique gift. These personalised gifts are available on a wide range of products: from T-Shirts to Aprons, Binders to Bags, Mugs, Stickers, Magnets & Buttons; Hats and keyrings, cards & posters, and cases for i-phones & i-pads - plus many more!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Original Art Gifts for Lovers of Art and Artists

I've been working all day to update my Squidoo lens Original Art Gifts for Lovers of Art and Artists:

"I created this lens to show off the work of my talented and creative friends; who sell their original Art and Designs through their online shops. Their unique creations make for the perfect gift for people who love Art."

Original Art Gifts for People who Love Art

Learn to Say 'Nice to Meet You' in French, German, Italian and Spanish

Learn how to say 'Nice to meet you' in French, German, Italian and Spanish, with a collection of videos, free online resources and relevant Twitter feeds.

"I made this lens to celebrate & share my love of language and to help people learn to say 'nice to meet you' in French, German, Italian and Spanish. The lens is arranged by language in alphabetical order: French first, then German, Italian and finally Spanish. You can scroll down the entire lens or, if you prefer, you can use ' The Table of Contents' below to skip to the language section that interests you."

Learn how to say 'Nice to meet you' in French, German, Italian and Spanish, with a collection of videos, free online resources and relevant Twitter feeds.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Margaritas are Gluten Free T-Shirt

My first design to request: a 'Margaritas are Gluten Free' T-Shirt. I'm really pleased with the result! Never design to someone else's specifications before - it's a different creative experience.

A special design made to request for @glutenfrefoodie for the launch of her new Gluten Free community site ''.

You can also stop by her other Gluten Free website,, "helping you find gluten-free food that tastes good". She is also a passionate photographer, you can see examples of her photographic work at her photography site,

@glutenfrefoodie came to me with the phrase Margaritas are Gluten Free. She requested a simple, modern font with 'Margaritas' in one color and 'are Gluten Free' in another. She also asked if it were possible to have a simple image incorporated into the design.

I took her instructions and turned them into a design, which I hoped would match her expectations. After a quick exchange of emails, we decided upon a finished design. The result is what you see here today.

If you have a design you'd like to have made, you can contact me using the contact options on my Zazzle profile.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Numbers in Italian

Ciao Amici! My 2nd new Squidoo lens of the day: Numbers in Italian :-) Uno! Due! Tre!

"Numbers are a vital part of learning any language. Having, at least, a basic knowledge of numbers is essential to any beginner. They are also a fantastic introduction to pronunciation. Numbers can easily be made into a fun learning experience for all students of language, with games and songs."

Learn Numbers in Italian with Videos, Games, Songs, Audio Exercises and Teaching Resources.

Family Vocabulary in Italian

Ciao Amici! My new Squidoo lens is live: Learn Family Vocabulary in Italian with videos, games, audio & a quiz!

"Family is a great subject for any beginner learning a new language: almost all of us have some kind of family around us, and therefore have something to say about them. Talking about family is also a good, polite conversation starter. Family vocabulary also acts as a useful introduction to using nouns in a new language."

Learn Family Vocabulary in Italian Free Online